About Orbit Research

Orbit research is the UK’s leading independent expert in satellite communications.

Formed in 1994, the company specialises in satellite broadband products and services, satellite communication engineering, space industry major projects and education outreach. With our expertise in satellite systems, electronics design, software engineering and project management, we have the flexibility and expertise to provide reliable world-class solutions. On the basis of these established skills and in-house capabilities, Orbit Research can offer a wide range of standard and bespoke solutions.

Our privately owned and operated UK-based satellite hub station offers our clients unprecedented flexibility and direct access to satellite services.

Our Clients

Our clients include COMSAT (USA), Telstra (Australia), British Telecom, BBC, MOD (UK), ETISALAT (UAE), NSPO (Taiwan), Eutelsat (France), Telenor (Norway), EMP Trexcom (USA), Pascall Electronics (UK), Monaco Telecom, ND Satcom (Germany), Teleglobe (Canada) and VST (UK).

These and all our other international and domestic clients benefit from our professional expertise, our high standards of engineering capability and customer service.