Gavin Foster

Dr Gavin Foster

Gavin is also a founding member of Orbit Research.  As our Technical Director Gavin has lead many design and implementation projects in the satellite communication sector.

Gavin was part of the ESA project that designed the standards for the DVB-RCS satellite internet system that most internet service providers use today. So… if you’re wondering if we know what we’re talking about….. then we most certainly do!

He has developed a number of stand-alone and embedded software applications and electronic designs for many of the leading international satellite operating companies.

Gavin is a graduate of Bradford University, gaining a BEng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Postgraduate Diploma in Business Studies and PhD in Information Systems Engineering. He completed his PhD in 1987.

After graduating, Gavin became a senior engineer at Ogden Electronics Ltd, working on FM/CW radar using signal processing techniques such as Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT), windowing and post-FFT processing analysis.

He joined Ferranti International, Communication Systems Division in 1988, where he was responsible for current and future projects. As head of the Satellite Communication Systems division, Gavin had overall responsibility for a number of technical studies and satellite communication system engineering projects, directing some 15 communication engineers and software engineers.

In January 1994 Gavin became one of the founder members of Orbit Research Ltd, taking the position of Technical Director. He has been directly responsible for all of the development work carried out at Orbit Research Ltd and has undertaken a significant, hands-on role in all aspects of all projects.

Gavin’s areas of expertise include satellite communication system engineering, electronic design engineering, software development, embedded microprocessor development, signal processing, networking, STEBus, system design and development, TCP/IP, DVB-RCS, IP-Sec, NAT servers.

Among the many projects and product developments Gavin has completed, are included: ND Satcom, Germany – One year contract designing and developing DVB-RCS two way Satellite Broadband Multimedia system; Anite Government Systems – technical project manager satellite systems; EMP Trexcom – debug major multiple networked tracking antenna system running over TCP/IP; Telenor, Norway – developed remote control and monitoring system to control a network of up to 40 satellite earth stations via TCP/IP; Eutelsat, France – developed remote control interface for remotely mounted earth station system. Gavin has also developed the range of company products inclusing our EAFC product and Carrier Monitoring System.