Virtual Network Operator (VNO) hosting services

Orbit Research are pleased to announce that we are now offering Virtual Network Operator (VNO) hosting services.  Any company that wants to start up a new satellite network faces the cost of buying a hub, a large earth station antenna and all of the associated infrastructure.

Another possibility is to start with a Virtual Network Operator (VNO) option within a larger, shared hub hosted by a Host Network Operator (HNO) like Orbit Research. With the VNO capability, customers are in full control of their own networks and remotes. The customer needs to purchase only a VNO license, dedicated line cards, protocol processors and NMS servers. The hub itself and the entire supporting infrastructure can be shared transparently with the HNO. The infrastructure at the Rugby teleport offers access to satellites covering Europe, the Middle East, Africa and America and has dual gigabit fibre connections to the internet backbone.

The VNO functionality provides lower cost of ownership for customers entering new markets.

See here for more details.