World Rally Championship

Rally Bulgaria

WRC round 7 of 13

Friday 9 July – Sunday 11 July

The seventh event in this year’s World Rally Championship calendar takes place in Borovets, Bulgaria from Friday 9th July to Sunday 11th July. Once again Orbit Research are providing satellite internet connectivity on our iDirect platform over Telesat’s T11N satellite.

This is the first time that Bulgaria has hosted a WRC event. The location is in a ski resort in the Rila mountains called Borovets, 70 kilometres south of the countrys capital Sofia.

At each event a service park is set up and this is where the rally cars and teams are based. The cars are overhauled before each rally stage and all return to the service park afterwards.

The satellite equipment is set up in the service park and distributed to the end users using both wired and wireless ethernet connections. The users of the system include the rally organisers, the rally car teams, press and TV media, and the spectators.

The satellite internet connection is used by the teams to communicate with their engineering teams in their home countries, it is used by the media to send reports, photographs and video clips. In addition, everybody uses the connection for general web browsing, email and social media sites. A number of VOIP telephone circuits are also implemented.

The satellite internet connection is busy almost around the clock. The teams have an early start to prepare for the rally stages and once all the cars have left the service park there are constant updates on the progress of each stage which are fed back to the WRC official website. In the evening, video footage that has been filmed during the day’s rally stages is edited back at the service park and then sent over the satellite link for international distribution.

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