ViaOrbit. Satellite Based Alarm and Surveillance System

The Solution for Alarm Transmission and Surveillance  Anywhere

The ViaOrbit SASS system enables the interconnection of alarm- and video surveillance systems to security centers via satellite. The alarm transmission performance complies with the European Standard EN 50136 for applications with highest security classification.

Simultaneously with alarm messages, live video pictures can be transmitted for alarm verification and general surveillance purposes. Furthermore, bi-directional audio and IP data channels are provided for emergency voice communications and remote control of devices.

The SASS satellite terminals can be deployed at any location within the ViaOrbit SASS service coverage. The system is a cost effective solution to provide connectivity for security systems where terrestrial broadband networks with the required transmission performance are not available or more expensive to install and use.

ViaOrbit SASS Features:

  • 24/7 monitoring. Interconnection of alarm systems to Alarm Response Centres (ARC’s) such as private Security Centres, Police Control Rooms and other Law Enforcement Authorities.
  • High quality video transmission from remote CCTV camera installations for surveillance of public and corporate infrastructure.
  • Emergency voice calls in hot dial mode bypassing terrestrial telephone networks.
  • Remote control of devices such as lights and gates from the security centre
  • Transparent IP data channel for user defined applications, including Internet telephony.
  • Simultaneous transmission of alarms and video pictures to multiple receivers or alarm response centres.
  • Fully compliant with the latest European and British standards (EN50131/EN50136/PD6662).
  • Provides supporting evidence of what triggered the alarm.

The Satellite Alarm Terminal consists of an outdoor antenna and an indoor interface unit. The size of the antenna dish depends on the location of the terminal, typically 90 cm. The indoor unit provides standard interfaces for the interconnection of Alarm Panels, CCTV Cameras, Phones, Microphones, Speakers and an Ethernet port for user defined IP Applications. The installation and activation of the Satellite Alarm Terminals is done by a network of certified security installers.

The satellite terminals are linked via geostationary satellites to the ViaOrbit hub in the UK. From the hub all traffic is routed via broadband IP networks to Alarm Response Centres (ARC’s).

The satellite transmission links are controlled by the ViaOrbit Network Operations Center. The NOC ensures that the alarm transmission performance complies with the requirements of the European and British Standards EN50131/EN50136/PD6662. It furthermore enables the setup of video, audio and data connections with guaranteed bandwidth for mission critical applications such as alarm verification and emergency calls.

Deployment Area

SASS Terminals can be operated anywhere within the service area indicated in the map below.



Satellite Coverage

Satellite Coverage





For further information about the SASS System and Products, please contact Ian on 0800 043 7768