Satellite Communications

Terrestrial ADSL is transmitted down a pair of wires, twisted together to reduce the amount of interference they pick up. These wires, in many cases were laid in the ground long before the internet was invented, and they were only ever intended to carry a single voice conversation at a time,  with a bandwidth of around 4kHz.

ViaOrbit Rapid Response Private GSM Network

GSM Pico and Femto cell technology (3G via satellite)

Orbit Research, expert in Satellite Communications, and Link Telecom, expert in cellular communications, have joined forces to provide a satellite enabled rapid response GSM network that provides safe and secure communications using standard GSM phones in situations where public mobile networks are unavailable.

The Rapid Response Private GSM network provide rapid deployment of private and secure GSM service in case of crisis situations on a transient or permanent basis.

How does it work?

The micro cell-site technology provides a portable Private GSM Exchange at the incident site. This technology will then enable emergency workers to communicate over this Private GSM Network within the incident area. To enable calls to be made outside the micro cell (e.g. to the PSTN or MNO) the Private GSM Exchange has been integrated with satellite communications. If a call is initiated within the micro cell to a number external to the micro cell then it is routed through the satellite communication link, through Voice over Internet Protocol, onto a ViaOrbit PBX far away from the incident site. The ViaOrbit PBX forwards the call to the intended recipient on the PSTN or MNO.

Located on a vehicle the Private GSM Exchange can be deployed to provide instant coverage over an area of typically 500m in situations where access to public mobile networks is restricted or unavailable.

Persons using standard GSM mobile phones within the coverage of the microcell can communicate with the PSTN, VPN or other mobiles within the micro cell. Access to the micro cell is restricted to mobiles equipped with a special SIM card.

Calls to and from the PSTN are linked by satellite backhaul between the Private GSM exchange vehicle and the ViaOrbit PBX. The ViaOrbit PBX can be connected to rapid response centers by IP broadband connections.

The Rapid Response Private GSM Network restores communication when the macro network is not available. This system provides a totally secure, private alternative communication system which can be deployed rapidly and will provide the security services with a fully independent service.

The system uses commercial off-the-shelf mobile equipment combined with the level of security and instant availability of high capacity satellite broadband. The system can be deployed anywhere in the UK when you need it most.


  • Rapid deployment within minutes of arrival of the GSM private exchange vehicle.
  • Instant coverage
  • Standard GSM phones equipped with special SIM card granting access to the microcell.
  • Independent of local telecommunication infrastructure
  • Operates when macro networks are unavailable
  • PSTN, VPN and intra microcell network access is provided
  • Calls to and from the PSTN are linked by satellite backhaul
  • Calls between, to and from mobiles can be completed with or without additional authorization being needed


To find out more about the ViaOrbit Rapid Response GSM Network contact Orbit Research on 0800 043 7768