Satellite Event Coverage

Orbit Research can offer short term services to cover events, exhibitions, sporting fixtures, festivals, concert venues providing internet access and multimedia streaming.

Orbit Research has a vast experience in engineering satellite communication based IP solutions for events that create huge opportunities for organisers and participants to engage with their audience and increase their turn over.

We can provide a vehicle based system or a flyaway antenna mounted on a temporary stand. In addition to the antenna and satellite modem, we can offer a number of IP services to enhance the use of the internet connectivity. These include:

Wired LAN distribution with VLANs to isolate different user groups

Wireless (WiFi) distribution. We use high powered wireless access points to provide coverage over a radius approaching one kilometre. We can also offer mesh wireless access points to extend this range and provide coverage into areas not covered by the main access point.

Access control. We can provide control over who can access the internet using a radius based access control server. Users will be able to discover the WiFi hot spot and will be directed to a web page explaining how they can obtain access to the internet. This is usually in the form aof a pre-paid ticket system giving users metered access to the internet.

Traffic profiling. We can provide traffic profiling in order to control the protocols and services that are enabled over the satellite link. These can be optimised to meet the needs of a particular event.

Video streaming. We can assign dedicated uplink bandwidth for video streaming to a CDN for live webcasts or for contributions to video on demand services.