Satellite Internet Solutions

Businesses today need broadband to prosper and survive.  There is no doubt that if a terrestrial (land line) ADSL circuit is available, then it meets the needs of most small businesses at low cost. However, if your business is too far away from the telephone exchange, the possibility of receiving broadband is severely restricted.

Satellite Internet connectivity compares well in price with the high end terrestrial business broadband services. And it provides enormous benefits to your business.

Our service is fast, efficient and straight forward. Here’s what we do:

We install an antenna on your building, and satellite modem inside. The service is commissioned, usually within a few days from placing your order. And that’s it.

You can then benefit from the high speed broadband service that will empower your business.

Orbit Research consistently delivers the best performance satellite internet service available Find out how we do it!

DVB-S2  Fast, efficient, excellent value for money. Kick start your business NOW!



iDirect Evolution series Modem


iDirect Evolution series modems include the X3 modem for the Small Office/Home Office (SoHo) applications and the powerful X5 modem for larger Enterprise solutions.

DVB-S2 enables us to bring you super-fast broadband IP technology with a number of key advantages. Our clients switching from other services report astounding improvements in speed and usability of their network.

Quality of service and system availability are critical to our enterprise clients  but so is the life-time cost of the service. Using bandwidth-efficient satellite access techniques we achieve the highest data throughput at the lowest cost.

We regularly have clients running over a hundred PCs from a single Evolution modem, and the system takes it in its stride.

We always maintain live spare satellite capacity to ensure the we can expand the service instantly.

Let us help you build new revenue streams for your event. Make new profits and provide an excellent service to your customers

We have helped a number of organisations to deliver exciting new services to their clients at sports meetings, events, concerts and trade shows. We can create easy and far reaching WiFi networks and support a wide range of applications including email, web browsing, FTP, VoIP, IPTV streaming, audio streaming and VPNs. The ability to provide a high quality set of internet enabled solutions  anywhere  – is expected these days. However the reality is somewhat different. The internet has become such a powerful tool for organisations to market their products and services. Being without a reliable connection can be a disaster.

That’s where Orbit Research can step in and help. Not only can we provide permanent or temporary high-speed satellite internet connectivity that beats everything in its class, we can also help you maximise the potential of the service with a number of bolt-on applications.

  • Fixed satellite terminals
  • Vehicle mounted satellite terminals
  • Trailer mounted satellite terminals
  • Portable satellite terminals

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